Welcome to Farpoints Farm

Welcome to Farpoints Farm

Welcome to Farpoints FarmWelcome to Farpoints FarmWelcome to Farpoints Farm

We are a small farm

Located in Eastern Washington.  We produce lambs, eggs and fresh seasonal produce.  Wildlife abounds.  Deer, elk, moose are seen.  The coyotes keep the rodents down and us on our toes protecting the sheep and hens. We also are involved with dogs!

About Us

The Arena


We host CPE agility trials, seminars and workshops, fun matches, classes and private rentals.  We are home to the Liberty Blazing Stars 4-H dog group.

Seminars and Training


We host seminars throughout the year.  Check out our Calendar or see the What's Coming Up dropdown menu at the top of this page and select Upcoming Events

The Farm and its Critters


We raise hair sheep and hens that produce a variety of egg colors.  Our vegetables are mostly from heirloom seed.